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Here’s a list of just six benefits of marketing to women:

Top 6 Benefits of Marketing to Women
  1. Women have purchasing power – Women drive 85% of all consumer purchasing, through a combination of their buying power and influence.
  2. Women have a multiplier effect – Women serve many roles within their family as well as at the workplace. They purchase on behalf of these people as well. They are multiple markets in one.
  3. Women are long-term, loyal customer – Women want more and demand more. Customer service makes the difference when comparing similar products on the market. When you meet the higher expectations of women, you’ve got yourself a long-term, loyal customer.
  4. Women impact and have access to the local market – NoMiWoman is the ideal way to speak directly to your potential local customers. They are interested and involved in our local community, so they will be interested in you too. We are proud of where we live and many readers prefer to buy from local businesses.
  5. Brand Power is important to women – Take the opportunity to create consistency across all your channels, so wherever people come into contact with you they will see the same messages and images. You will reach new audiences in NoMiWoman and become a well-recognized local business.
  6. Reader confidence is important factor in women’s trust – Most readers trust a local magazine as a source of local information, so they are more likely to trust you too. It is easy for them to make a call or send an email from advertising they’ve seen in NoMiWoman. Your brand will benefit as a result.

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